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AlphaPlugins FireFor

Version: 1
License: Trial
Price: $74.95
OS: Windows| Mac OS X
Product URL: Link


AlphaPlugins FireFor plug-in for Adobe Photoshop

AlphaPlugins FireFor is an incredibly handy Photoshop filter for creating natural-looking smoke and fire effects. An effortless, intuitive process helps you achieve attractive and realistic results. Dive right in and experiment with the plugin’s power, using factory presets like wizard palettes of key flame and smoke effects that can be applied with the simple click of a mouse.


The main features:

  • Realistic Fire
  • Naturalistic Smoke
  • Smart Source
  • Well-Though UI
  • Power Blending
  • Presets & Wizard

The combination of AlphaPlugins FireFor + a lot of factory presets makes this plug-in as a unique and power tool for creating and pleasure. You can just clicking different items from preset lists or wizards and the plug-in will draw beautiful firing pictures self. 

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