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Carotid Function Fractal

Version: 1.1
License: Freeware
Price: FREE
OS: Windows
Product URL: Link

The Carotid Function Fractal is somewhat debated as to whether it is a fractal at all but deep within it’s infinite curves, subtle fractal patterns begin to emerge.


This Adobe Photoshop implementation provides fast, colorful results for the exploration of the fractal.


Although fairly simple in its nature, the fractal can be used to create a variety of generative art for various means including graphic design, motion graphics and illustration.


Carotid Function Fractal plugin features fully antialiased output with full control over the number of curves, pixel step size and vertical scale.


The plugin provides various specialized coloring features such as single / double / spectral coloring combined with increasing / decreasing intensity and gamma correction.


Due to it’s simplicty, Carotid Function Fractal is fast and drawing thousands of curves is effortless.


Richard Rosenman is a digital creative director working in the 3D computer graphics and animation industry. He also develops a collection of professional software tools used throughout the digital art industry.

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