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EchOoo PRO

Version: 1.0
License: Commercial
Price: $43
OS: Windows
Category: 3dsmax
Product URL: Link

This tool is inspired from tools you can find in 2D animation softwares,

like the Onion Layers in Flash or the Echo effect in After Effects.

It’s a new max object where you can pick different sources and offset their time animation, but also divide this time offset by the number of source copies you want.

– creating nice animated duplication effects, for motion graphics or simply to check your animation without using trajectories.

– copy N times the source object with an animated time delay. 

– you can now offset the transforms of these time copies.

– rotate the copies around an animatable pivot.

– use a spline to place them, slide along that spline.

– create automatically new material ID’s

– detach all faces

– random time offset

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