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Fixel Detailizer 2

Version: 2.5
License: Commercial
Price: $30
OS: Windows| Mac OS X
Product URL: Link

Fixel Detailizer 2 PS is a Multi Scale Detail Enhancer filter.

Detailizer decomposes the image into 5 different details scales (Multi “Frequency Separation” at once) to allow a complete control of the contrast level of each detail scale level.

Detailizer benefits from an innovative Wavelets based algorithm.
Using Detailizer, controlling and enhancing the details and contrast level at each scale is just as easy as using Hi-Fi Equalizer.

The Fixel Team specializes in developing and implementing Advanced and Innovative Image and Video Processing Algorithms to expand image and video manipulation abilities of the End User. Our team objective is to multiply pixels to look good, add them up to be sharp, divide them to make them vivid and subtract them to make them noise free, Fixel them so you would like each and every one of them. Our teams is composed of Image Processing Experts and UI Wizards. We aim for Simple and Effective tools for the Image and Video Processing / Editing world.

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