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Fractal Flames

Version: 1.1
License: Freeware
Price: FREE
OS: Windows
Product URL: Link

Fractal Flames is an extremely powerful Adobe Photoshop plugin based on the fractal work created by Scott Draves in 1992. Although it is a member of the iterated function system class of fractals it differs in the sense that it features log-density display instead of linear or binary and performs very interesting color mapping routines based on structure as opposed to density.


Don’t be fooled by it’s minimalist interface. This Fractal Flames implementation is a complex fractal image generator that can be applicable to any number of industries including graphic design, motion graphics and illustration.


Aside from boasting blindingly-fast, 100% fully-multithreaded processing combined with gorgeous 16 bits / channel high-color support, Fractal Flames offers a heap of additional sophisticated features. It provides full control over all six fractal coefficients resulting in a virtually unlimited number of different possible fractal combinations. It features 24 of the most popular Fractal Flamesfunctions developed by Scott Draves with full toggle, enable, disable and random selection.


Fractal Flames offers various flexible coloring techniques including the use of single color, double color, spectral color, multi-color, RYGB color and image mapping. Each coloring technique yields completely different results based on which functions are selected / deselected.


Fractal Flames provides three different kinds of color density mapping techniques including linear, square root and logarithmic. Each color density mapping type yields different results and brings out different details that might not have otherwise been visible.


Fractal Flames provides additional color manipulators such intensity and gamma, both of which play an important role in density mapping.


Fractal Flames offer some unique features such as depth shading where it uses the z variable for shading in the z axis. Additionally, Fractal Flames provides depth of field with a custom focal plane controller so that the user can specify which plane is in focus, and which are not. The use of these features produces truly outstanding results.


Finally, Fractal Flames allows the user to load and save all fractals for future retrieval.

Richard Rosenman is a digital creative director working in the 3D computer graphics and animation industry. He also develops a collection of professional software tools used throughout the digital art industry.

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