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Lens Corrector PRO

Version: 1.6
License: Commercial
Price: $29.99
OS: Windows
Product URL: Link

Lens Corrector PRO is a powerful plugin for Adobe Photoshop that takes camera lens distortion correction to a professional level, adding numerous image correction tools and algorithms for facilitating the removal of these types of distortions.


Whenever media is recorded with today’s conventional cameras, lens distortion (to some degree) is unavoidable. The amount of distortion can depend on various factors, but more specifically, the type of camera lens used. Lens distortion can be classified into two categories – “Barrel” distortion (similar to the exterior curves of a sphere) and “Pincushion” distortion (similar to the interior curves of a sphere). By using appropriate algorithms, these distortions can be minimized, eliminated and if desired, even reversed.


Lens Corrector PRO not only specializes in the removal (or introduction) of barrel and pincushion lens distortion, but also virtually any other type resulting from all types of camera lenses. Unlike most lens corrections plugins out there, Lens Corrector PRO features separate horizontal and vertical sliders for ultimate control.

Lens Corrector PRO adds unparalleled power by providing the user with explicit horizontal and vertical axis controls for all distortion tools. This means the center point can be offset to accommodate even the toughest of all lens distortions out there.


Lens Corrector PRO provides a robust number of tools for the correction of almost any type of lens / image distortion including scale, skew, perspective, taper, shift, rotation and flip, each for either the horizontal axis, vertical axis, or both. This allows correction for lens distortions produced by shooting from a low point-of-view or angled point-of-view, for example.

A gorgeous, easy-to-use interface with a massive preview window allows for the fine-tuning of high-resolution photographs. A fully resizeable interface provides unlimited boundaries restricted only by the user’s display resolution.


Lens Corrector PRO features a sophisticated grid overlay system ideal for facilitating distortion correction. Drop in your photograph, turn on the grid system and straighten horizontal and vertical photo lines to match the grid. It’s as simple as that!

Finally, Lens Corrector PRO can perform fisheye distortion transformations along with horizontal and vertical polar correction.


Richard Rosenman is a digital creative director working in the 3D computer graphics and animation industry. He also develops a collection of professional software tools used throughout the digital art industry.

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