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MG-Picker Studio

Version: 1.5
License: Commercial
Price: $120
OS: Windows| Mac OS X| Linux
Category: Maya
Product URL: Link

MG-Picker Studio is a very intuitive and animator friendly maya picker gui, with powerful features that enable you to create your own customised, free-style picker without any prior knowledge in coding.

Traditional maya picker gui only helps with selecting and command executing, but mgpicker does much more, it serves as an very improved, animator-friendly rig interface.

Check out the snapshots of mgpicker by for their rigs using MG-Picker Studio:


More snapshots of the mgpicker in practice (from

 Some more snapshots free pickers for popular rigs:



Features demo video for animator
Features demo video for Picker designer
Intro on the programmability of MG-Picker Studio (Very brief)

Availibilty: Windows (maya2011~2016 x86/x64), MacOS & Linux (maya2012~2016 x64)
It is totally free for Maya animator to download the program and free to use the picker file/node designed by picker studio. Charges for picker designers.

Check out here for Feature list of the release!

Download the latest version!

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