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RBFSuite maya

Version: 3.0
License: Commercial
Price: $15
OS: Windows| Mac OS X| Linux
Category: Maya
Product URL: Link

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RBF_Suite is a suite of multithreaded node base on the the radial basis function. Those node can be used to drive and interpolate different kind of information based on input location.

This plugin is composed of six nodes and one command:
jsRBF_morpherDeformer : deformer which interpolate multiple geometry based on custom input positions
jsRBF_simpleNode : node which interpolate any kind of value (float,vector,color), could also return multiple value
jsRBF_weightNode : node wich interpolate and return multiple float value (ex weight for blendshape or constrain)
jsRBF_particleNode : node which interpolate any kind of particle, could also return multiple value
jsRBF_deformer : deformer which deform input geometry based on custom input positions.
jsRBF_rbfToSkinCluster : working with the jsRBF_transRbfToSkinCluster command, this node drive rbf interpolation onto skincluster

Node/Deformer features:
- rbf type : linear, cubic, quintic, multiquadric, multiquadric inverse and gaussian
- distance controle
- ramp distance
- colorSet (deformer)

Exemple of use :
- morphing
- rig control
- setting skinCluster
- switch or interpolate constrain
- drive blendshape
- light rig
- fx
- driving feather system
- etc …


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