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Responsive Base Web Gallery

Version: 1.0
License: Commercial
Price: $20
OS: Windows| Mac OS X
Category: Lightroom
Product URL: Link

rgbThis newly developed Adobe Lightroom Web Gallery utilises the success of the original Base Gallery and builds on it with a responsive framework so it works great on any device. The new Responsive Base Gallery uses the popular Bootstrap framework to make the gallery resize for any screen size, and AngularJS is used for the gallery engine. Its features include checkout by email (replaces Fotomoto), EU Cookie compliance notice, Icon support, scrollable caption section – for large text captions, Element alignment, Navbar items, Background Music, plus much more. Please see below for a more in depth outline of its features. This Gallery works with both Lightroom 6 (standalone) and Lightroom CC.



Responsive Layouts



As well as been a responsive web gallery you have the option to specify the layout of the gallery for certain screen sizes. For example you can choose to hide the thumbnails of a gallery when viewed on a narrow screen device like a mobile.


Checkout by Email



This feature has 3 different modes;
Full shop mode (example) – allows users to order your photos in different formats with their repective prices and then go to a checkout screen where they can fill in their contact details and place an order which will send you and the customer an email. You can then collect payment and deliver the photos by your own prefered methods.
Order mode (example) – same as the full shop above apart from it excludes prices. Ideal for pre paid weddings packages.
Client Approval mode (example) – Allows the user to just select a list of photos from your gallery.  
Please note that this feature requires PHP5.5 or greater on your hosting and signing up to a free account (6,000 email per month) from for the email delivery. Try the free demo here to see if the feature is compatible with your hosting.

Scrollable Caption Section

The text area which shows text information about the photo is now scrollable so large amounts of text are still viewable.

Cookie Consent Notice

To comply with EU cookie laws the gallery has a notice function to help you provide clear information about the cookies to users. For example both the checkout by email and Google Analytics features use cookies and if these features are used it is recommended that you inform your users of this so they know about what cookies the website uses.


You can now have the option to have background music automatically or user controlled, play when viewing the gallery. For an example of this please view the demo here.

Social Widgets

Twitter, facebook, pinterest and google social media links can be added to the footer of the gallery.

Google Analytics

It’s easy to add Google analytics tracking to the site, all you need to do is copy and paste the UA-XXXXXXX-XX tracking code google gives you in the control panel into the relevant field in the web settings panel.


The mobile first front-end framework bootstrap gives you resizeable pages, so your site looks great on a laptop screen, tablet or a mobile phone. The framework also gives web designers and developers a sleek, intuitive base for faster and easier web development.

Plus many more features

  • Slideshow
  • Navbar
  • Retina support
  • Disable right click/long touch saving of images
  • Supports Google Web Fonts
  • Patterned background textures

For greater detail please refer to the gallery documentation.

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