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SLiB Browser PRO

Version: 2.00
License: Commercial
Price: $59
OS: Windows| Mac OS X| Linux
Category: Maya
Product URL: Link

SLiB Browser PRO is a Maya Plugin that provides an easy way to use SLiB Shaders or to build up own Shader / Asset libraries.

SLiB Browser PRO code was completely rewritten from scratch to greatly improve functionality and stability. Beside all features SLiB | Browser has to offer the PRO version allows now to export shaders or even assets.

More features of SLiB Browser PRO:

  • quickly generate preview images by either rendering (shaders) or taking a scene snapshot (assets)
  • SNR – embedded Shading Network Renamer for clean and organized Shading Networks
    (all native maya nodes supported + most used vray, redshift, mental ray and arnold nodes)
  • easy shader / asset rename function
  • duplicate shaders / assets
  • export with Textures (and set relative paths) – great for sharing libraries
  • export Objects and use SLiB Browser PRO as an Asset Manager
  • IPT  (interactive placement tool) allows assets import / placement with unparalleled ease



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