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SLiB Leuchtkraft

Version: 1.5
License: Commercial
Price: $99
OS: Windows| Mac OS X| Linux
Category: Maya
Product URL: Link

SLiB Leuchtkraft

is a Maya Plugin that provides a fast and accurate way to set up and controll your lights. No more trial and error – with a simple mouseclick you place them excactly where you want them to be. All important Light Attributes (Intensity, Distance, Size, Rotation, Contribution, …) can easily be controlled from a single window.


  • Professional lighting plug-in for Autodesk Maya
  • add, positon and edit lights with unparalleled ease
  • control all lights and related render attributes with an intuitive UI
  • use procedurals or HDR images to map your lights (several HDR images included – more to come with free updates)
  • no more trial and error when placing your (high)lights – place them excactly where you want them to be
  • automatic object light form curve shape creation
  • supported Render Engines atm: Redshift, VRay and Arnold
  • VPR  – embedded viewport renderer
  • permanent and floating license
  • supports Render Farms / Services (no Plugin required on clients)
  • free updates

Contrary to other “light paint” solutions SLiB Leuchtkraft uses real lights instead of painting the “lights” on a high dynamic range image.

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