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Smart De-Interlacer

Version: 1.5
License: Freeware
Price: FREE
OS: Windows
Product URL: Link

Smart De-Interlacer is a plugin for Adobe Photoshop for the de-interlacing of interlaced video frames. Generally, interlaced frames are a result of time-ramping footage via fields instead of frames or converting from one framerate to another such as 24fps to 30fps for instance, where 3:2 pulldown is added therefore generating 6 new interlaced frames for every one second of film footage.


Smart De-Interlacer works by copying or interpolating every other field (line) with the one prior, thus reconstructing an original image. The result will never be as good as the original since the new fields are interpolated but it will provide a reasonably good result.



Smart De-Interlacer also provides custom controls for creating one’s own convolution kernels for interpolating. This gives the user unprecedented control over the quality of the resulting frame.




Richard Rosenman is a digital creative director working in the 3D computer graphics and animation industry. He also develops a collection of professional software tools used throughout the digital art industry.

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