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UberCam For LightWave

Version: 2
License: Commercial
Price: $69.95
OS: Windows| Mac OS X
Category: Lightwave
Product URL: Link

Liberty3D UberCam is a plug-in for NewTek’s LightWave3D that enhances the LightWave platform with additional camera capabilities while expanding into the realm of Virtual Reality. Three years of additional research and development, testing and customer feedback since the release of Version 1.9 have been brought forward in Version 2.0.2.

OculusDK2PromoImageIn version 2.0.2 we have introduced additional specific tools and cameras to the artist who wants to explore Virtual Reality content creation using LightWave3D. Virtual Reality over the last 4 years has exploded and has been working quietly to bring forward tools to LightWave artists that will give them a competitive edge in this new medium. Many of the tools in UberCam 2.0.2 are unique in the industry thus far and as a result are not available for any other package out there in a simple to use and affordable tool set.

Our development efforts in the areas of Virtual Reality for UberCam continue and we will be providing additional tools and functionality to the package in the very near future. This includes support for additional Virtual Reality Headsets beyond the Oculus Rift.

With UberCam 2.0.2 you get the original cameras from previous versions of Ubercam with many bug fixes, performance enhancements and the added capabilities we have introduced that opens up new possibilities.

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