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Version: 1.1
License: Commercial
Price: $99.99
OS: Windows
Product URL: Link

Ultraflares is arguably the most powerful and sophisticated lens flare solution for Adobe Photoshop and compatible hosts. Backed by over a year and a half of research and development, Ultraflares boasts some of the most advanced and realistic lens flare features available today. Ultraflares comes packed with hundreds of presets including over 65 natural flares, over 60 stylized flares, over 35 glints and over 40 light leaks.


Ultraflares packs some of the world’s most realistic lens flares, all modeled after existing real-world lens flares, anamorphic flares, glints and light leaks. As a matter of fact, Ultraflares’ technology has been built upon the careful study and research of real-world light phenomena thereby resulting in some of the most sophisticated flares available today.


Ultraflares offers unlimited power and flexibility through the assembly of lens flare objects in a hierarchical stack to produce any number of flare variations, with any amount of complexity. The artist can choose from a range of 13 realistically-modeled flare objects such as iris, multi-iris, spot glow, halo, ring, caustic, shimmer, lens orbs, spikeball, hoop, sparkle, streak and glow. Each object features its own massive set of specific variables allowing the artist to tweak just about any feature and produce just about any result.


Ultraflares ships with an easy-to-use, intuitive GUI boasting production-proven features. The stack can be easily navigated and any particular object can be renamed, deleted, duplicated, soloed, moved up, moved down, moved to the top or moved to the bottom easily and effortlessly with the click of a button. A powerful, built-in file browser provides super-fast, immediate flare load / preview. This efficiency results in increased productivity and faster lens flare development.


Ultraflares provides a set of highly specialized transformation tools that allow for complex lens flare object movement. Each object can be free to move in all axes, horizontal only, vertical only, none (for light leaks), or custom (which controls the range of horizontal and vertical movement inherent to anamorphic flare behavior). A secondary distance controller provides additional positioning tweaks for horizontally-locked, vertically-locked objects or unmovable objects resulting in extremely natural flare movement.



Ultraflares features a powerful coloring engine allowing each and every object to be uniquely shaded by a single color, two blended colors based on screen location, two gradient colors, or a full spectral array. Each coloring mode features offsetting, scaling, saturation, and even spectral blending with the underlying color to reproduce distinctive natural phenomena such as solid colored rays with spectral ray ends. Ray-based objects extend coloring features even further by providing random ray-color controls.


Ultraflares offers a highly versatile multi-iris object with an insane limit of up to 1000 irises. Their positioning along the light vector can be random, even or semi-random while their spread can be clustered together or fully separated. Their corresponding color, intensity, size, offset, spherical aberration, feathering, light distribution and circular completion can be randomized to any particular degree for truly natural results. Each object carries it’s own adjustable random seed ensuring no to objects are ever alike.



Ultraflares features stunningly-realistic iris effects such as spherical aberration, aberration scale, aberration offset and asymmetry for replicating ultra-realistic natural lens flares. Circular completion controls how much of the iris diameter (in degrees) is visible while light distribution, a new and truly unique feature specific to Ultraflares only, controls the illumination across the iris with it’s respective angle. Chromatic aberration can be globally applied to the entire flare while spectral coloring can work on any number of specific objects. Add subtle touches like iris edge ringing to push the realism to the next level.


Ultraflares harnesses the power of Adobe Photoshop and allows the artist to automatically sample both the intensity and hue of the flare by clicking in the preview window. Darker parts of the image will dim the flare while image hues will color the flare accordingly. Global adjustments can be made on-the-fly and will impact all lens flare objects thereby affecting the entire lens flare as a whole. Some of these global settings include color, blending mode, position, center, intensity, scale, aspect, rotation, chromatic aberration and saturation.


Ultraflares boasts an extremely powerful feature called triggering. Triggering allows any object’s setting to change according to the flare’s location. This results in very realistic flare behavior where the intensity may increase near the center of the screen, where chroma hoops may scale in size close to screen edges, and where streaks may flare out when located outside screen coordinates, for instance. Virtually any object variable can be triggered and thereby affected both positively or negatively using it’s own distinct trigger mask. Trigger masks can be inverted, modified and toggled to react to lens flare center points or lens flare emission points.


Ultraflares provides both object-specific and global blending modes. This means the artist can decide how each lens object should be composited with the previous one, and how the final flare should be composited with the image. This advanced precision in local and global compositing allows for particular flare objects to flare up and intensify while others maintain their fine details.


Ultraflares brings the power of lens textures to the artist’s fingertips. Select any lens texture and watch as Ultraflares realistically illuminates the texture according to it’s lens flare color, location and structure. Choose Ultraflares’ own highly configurable procedural lens orbs object or use custom textures of any kind. Embedded custom textures in compatible file formats such as PSD allow Ultraflares to easily toggle between multiple textures.


Ultraflares is much more than a lens flare plugin; it’s a full feature light studio. Not only does it allow the artist to produce sophisticated lens flares, but also the ability to generate a wide variety of complex camera lens effects, all modeled after real-world light phenomena.

Ultraflares has an unlimited number of applications including the generation of volumetric lights, glows, light glints, star filters, sun glows, star bursts, film burns & aberrations, light leaks, highlight accents, photo filters, bokehs, lens textures, and much, much more. It is an indispensable tool for 3D artists looking to push their 3D renders to the next level.



Ultraflares is the definitive solution for any hobbyist or professional digital artist, designer or photographer demanding cutting-edge, high-quality lens flares and light effects. Download the demo today.


Richard Rosenman is a digital creative director working in the 3D computer graphics and animation industry. He also develops a collection of professional software tools used throughout the digital art industry.

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