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Version: 1.6
License: Commercial
Price: $24.99
OS: Windows
Category: Maya
Product URL: Link

The easiest, finest and cheapest solution to the modern UV creation is available also for Autodesk® Maya®

Xrayunwrap is the real single click solution to speed up your work pipeline in the creation of UV mapping.
No more different windows, hundred of options and settings, you can create your UVs without switching to external softwares but just within Maya, accelerating your workflow. Now all you need is offered in a single window. XrayUnwrap introduces to Maya the most enhanced feature: the Live Unwrap. Only Xrayunwrap 1.6 offers such amazing functionality using Maya, just select your edges and see the results real-time. Unwrapping has never been so simple and fast in Maya!


Unique features:

- Unwrapping at incredible speed

- No need to switch to external software to create your UVs

- Unique feature, Live Unwrap. Select your edges and see the result real-time

- Packing functionality


The following Maya versions are supported:


Maya 2008 x86

Maya 2008 x64

Maya 2009 x86

Maya 2009 x64

Maya 2010 x86

Maya 2010 x64

Maya 2011 x86

Maya 2011 x64

Maya 2012 x86

Maya 2012 x64

Maya 2013 x86

Maya 2013 x64

Maya 2014/15/16 x64 




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