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Version: 2.0
License: Commercial
Price: $44.99
OS: Windows
Category: 3dsmax
Product URL: Link

Xrayunwrap is the real single click solution to speed up your work pipeline in the creation of UV mapping. With this new version we focused on enhancing the UI to improve the work pipeline, allowing to edit vertex, polys, UV shells in a more dynamic way. Also we introduced some features which have been suggested by our customers to make Xrayunwrap more powerful and user friendly.

Following we highlighted the most interesting features among the new introduced:    

 - Enriched and redefined interface

- New selection tools (vertex, edge, polygon, element, UV shell)

- Enhanced Seams tools

- Shell re-symmetry: Reflects or flips either 1 side of a island to the other side or average both sides                                            so that they are in any case identical.

- Checker maps: 4 different types of checkers to verify the unwrapping. Tiling option and checkers                                     maps self-illumination management

- Align/Sorting shells, Sort/align top/down/left/right the selected UV shells

- Shells Overlapping: Overlaps in the same position of the map islands with the same shape, so that                                           they share the same portion of UV space

- Multi tile UV offset: It allows to manage UVW coordinates for the current selection. Very good for                                            UDIM management.



 Xrayunwrap 2.0 supports the following 3ds Max versions:

- 3ds Max2009 x86/x64 

- 3ds Max2010 x86/x64

- 3ds Max2011 x86/x64

- 3ds Max2012 x86/x64

- 3ds Max2013 x86/x64

- 3ds Max2014-2015-2016 x64

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